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DOT Lebanon 2023 Annual Report: Committed to Empowerment

  Reflecting our ...

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DOT Lebanon Annual Report 2022

2022: A year of Expansion and Creation! 2022 was a year of endless possibilities that lie ahead of us, and the boundless potential for growth and innovation. As we look to the future, expansion and creation are not only about ...

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DOT Lebanon Annual Report 2021

2021: A year of learning! We learned to overcome our fear of “Digital” and adapted it to our everyday life.  And despite all uncertainties, we learned to shift our mindset while prioritizing our values and we adopted digital ...

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DOT Lebanon Annual Report 2020

2020: The year that sparked the big debate! 2020 was anything but an easy year. Some would argue it was ‘the worst year of their lives’, while hopefuls say that ‘they finally got a chance to take a step back, slow down and enjoy ...

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DOT Lebanon participates at the Youth Leadership Programme.

Partnering with the UNDP for the 3rd year in a row, DOT Lebanon supported youth through the 6th edition of the Youth Leadership ...

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No Deafference

Communication is a simple act of exchanging messages between people. Yet, some other people struggle with understanding and conveying messages as a result of their hearing impairments. That’s why Hiba decided to help those people ...

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Creating a better future through Digital Skills Development.

Finding a job after graduating is a real challenge that most Lebanese students face right after getting their university diplomas. That was the case of Diala and Chaza from the North area of Lebanon who graduated earlier this year. Diala has a Medical Lab degree, while Chaza has a Master’s degree in Biology.  After desperately looking for a job that fits their competencies and knowledge, they have decided to explore new fields that might help them generate income. That’s why they decided to join the Digital and Media Literacy training program delivered in Dannieh by DOT Lebanon within the Local Development Program for urban areas in the North of Lebanon in partnership with GIZ. During this training, the girls acquired new skills in ...

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Online teaching: the 2020’s biggest challenge for Lebanese teachers!

With the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, the shift to online education became an urgent necessity. Digital and Media Literacy became important more than ever before. And that’s what Fatima expressed after improving her level of computer proficiency with DOT Lebanon. Globally, schools have closed their doors and adopted the online learning method. In some countries, devices were distributed to teachers and students to ensure a smooth transition to the new model. However, the case in Lebanon is different. A majority of teachers don’t have the required resources nor the skills to follow this new trend, and they’re trying hard to build ...

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Momsbite: Initiative empowering widowed women.

Widowed women are often marginalized and pictured as being dependent on their family-in-law. Although they try hard to reach their financial independence, they always face social and economic challenges. That’s why Mustafa decided to help them generate income while staying at home. This October, and during a Digital and Media Literacy (DML) online training course held in Nahr El Bared in the North area of Lebanon, within the Generation of Innovation Leaders (GIL) program by UNICEF, we met Mustafa, an 18-year old university student who has shown so much motivation and commitment during the sessions. Thanks to the new skills acquired in the DML program, he improved the way he studies and became able to help his classmates create ...

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Fighting drug addiction through digital technology!

Because drug addiction can affect more people than just the user and carries several complications and consequences impacting the ...

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