Fighting drug addiction through digital technology!

Transforming communities happens by summing small personal efforts.

Because drug addiction can affect more people than just the user and carries several complications and consequences impacting the quality of life of the person, Anas decided to develop a solution to help addicted youth and their parents.

Drug addiction is increasing worldwide, a fact that threatens the life and well-being of a large number of people, especially the youth. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 11 million people suffer from drug addiction across the globe.

In a study shared by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health in 2016, Lebanon observed a 233% increase in the number of youth aged less than 18 years old and addicted to drugs. To face this reality, several organizations work on broad awareness campaigns to fight against addiction and its deadly complications.

And during a Mobile Application Development training provided by DOT Lebanon in Akkar in the North Area through the Generation Of Innovation Leaders (GIL) program by Unicef, Anas, an 18-year old beneficiary aiming to develop his digital knowledge and skills, presented “Idman”: a mobile application aiming to fight against drug addiction. 

“Idman” aims to spread awareness on the threats and complications of drug addiction. It explains the symptoms and teaches users how to help patients. This mobile application also offers a guide to all the medical and rehabilitation centers across the country.

Today the mobile application “Idman” is functional and available on Play Store. Anas is continuously working to improve and develop his project to reach and help more people.

This story is part of the Generation of Innovation Leaders (GIL) Program by UNICEF implemented by DOT Lebanon with the funding of the German and Deutsch embassies in Lebanon.

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