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DOT Lebanon Annual Report 2022

2022: A year of Expansion and Creation! 2022 was a year of endless possibilities that lie ahead of us, and the boundless potential for growth and innovation. As we look to the future, expansion and creation are not only about increasing our reach, they are also about constantly pushing ourselves to think bigger and to […]

DOT Lebanon Annual Report 2021

2021: A year of learning! We learned to overcome our fear of “Digital” and adapted it to our everyday life.  And despite all uncertainties, we learned to shift our mindset while prioritizing our values and we adopted digital transformation tools and processes to enhance our collaborations and create a positive impact in our communities. Together […]

DOT Lebanon Annual Report 2020

2020: The year that sparked the big debate! 2020 was anything but an easy year. Some would argue it was ‘the worst year of their lives’, while hopefuls say that ‘they finally got a chance to take a step back, slow down and enjoy life like never before.’ Together with our partners, DOT Lebanon was […]

Online teaching: the 2020’s biggest challenge for Lebanese teachers!

With the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, the shift to online education became an urgent necessity. Digital and Media Literacy became important more than ever before. And that’s what Fatima expressed after improving her level of computer proficiency with DOT Lebanon. Globally, schools have closed their doors and adopted the online learning method. In some […]

Fighting drug addiction through digital technology!

Because drug addiction can affect more people than just the user and carries several complications and consequences impacting the quality of life of the person, Anas decided to develop a solution to help addicted youth and their parents. Drug addiction is increasing worldwide, a fact that threatens the life and well-being of a large number […]

Raising a new generation of social entrepreneurs

Aiming towards empowering youth and helping them become leaders able to transform their communities through innovative solutions, DOT Lebanon delivers digital and social entrepreneurship training programs enabling participants to kick start social enterprises with a mission to resolve economic, educational, environmental and other social challenges. For the second year in a row, and following its […]

The only way to be ready for a job in the future: self-education

With the development of technology and learning resources, lessons and seminars are no longer restricted to classrooms. They are now accessible to every student through different mediums and devices, allowing them to develop themselves constantly regardless of any timeframe. Self-education and development are ongoing processes with a range of benefits that lie in the skills […]

Innovation made visible to everyone!

Despite living in a world where the ease of access to technology and innovation is steadily increasing, there are still a large number of crippling obstacles. Luckily, there are #DOTYouth who are daring innovators in their communities, working to implement digital practices and initiatives for better inclusion of sightless patients in society!   An estimated […]

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