DOT Lebanon Annual Report 2020

2020: The year that sparked the big debate!

2020 was anything but an easy year. Some would argue it was ‘the worst year of their lives’, while hopefuls say that ‘they finally got a chance to take a step back, slow down and enjoy life like never before.’

Together with our partners, DOT Lebanon was able to impact communities by quickly shifting online. As a result:
– More than 2,500 beneficiaries became ready to transform their communities using their digital skills and creativity,
– More than 200 people with disabilities became digitally abled,
– More than 1,500 young girls and women are now ready to be productive members of the economy.
All from the safety of their own homes.

This is why we believe in the ability of our young leaders of tomorrow to build a stronger nation for the next generations. A nation where rights are protected, innovations are accredited and youth are at the core of positive change.

Download our Annual Report to know more about our 2020 achievements.


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