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Harnessing the power of youth, DOT Lebanon transforms young people into leaders of change in their communities.

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) is a leading international social enterprise headquartered in Canada with local operations in seven countries around the globe, including Lebanon.

Harnessing the power of youth, DOT Lebanon transforms young people (DOT Interns) into leaders of change as they facilitate technology, business, and entrepreneurial learning experiences to people in their own communities.

DOT's unique youth-led programs empower people living in communities that are developing, in transition, or under stress with the confidence to use technology for entrepreneurial, community, educational, and personal development.

  • In 2003, DOT launched ReachUp! with funding from Cisco. 
  • In 2008, ReachUp! and ScaleUp! programs were expanded with funds from Canada's Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). 
  • In 2009, DOT partnered with Cisco and the Partnership for Lebanon to implement Connected Communities and Businesses Initiative (CCBI). CCBI extends the DOT programs through the development of 8 Fouras Centres using a private sector model. 
  • In 2010, DOT Lebanon launched an Entrepreneurship and Employability project in the Bourj Al Barajneh Palestinian camp.
  •  In 2011, DOT extended the program to a second Palestine refugee camp, Ein El Helwi, targeting vulnerable women and youth with funding from Canada and the Swiss. 
  • In 2012, DOT extended its funding from the Canada Fund for Local Initiative (CFLI) on a project targeting employees and a project targeting women and youth that is being implemented in North of Lebanon funded by the US Embassy in Beirut.
  • In 2013, DOT Lebanon also received funds from the European Union (EU) to work with women in underserved rural areas in North Lebanon. Finally, DOT Lebanon was awarded a sub-contract agreement with World Learning as part of the USAID funded Education national project " D-RASATI II" to integrated ICT training methodologies in 126 public schools.

To date, 86 (over 55% women) young leaders have been trained and deployed to 43 communities to deliver DOT programs to over 4,597 Lebanese community members (over 66% women), equipping them with ICT and small enterprise development skills. The results are increased incomes, new jobs, and the establishment of small businesses in rural communities.

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A Registered Lebanese NGO

Since August 2010, DOT Lebanon has been registered as a Lebanese non-government organization (Registration number and date: Decree number 1349, August 12, 2010).

DOT Lebanon focuses on working with the civil society as it plays an important role in introducing development projects in the country. Our main focus is economic development--helping community members to develop new business approaches through the use of ICT.

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