Creating a better future through Digital Skills Development.

Finding a job after graduating is a real challenge that most Lebanese students face right after getting their university diplomas. That was the case of Diala and Chaza from the North area of Lebanon who graduated earlier this year. Diala has a Medical Lab degree, while Chaza has a Master’s degree in Biology. 

After desperately looking for a job that fits their competencies and knowledge, they have decided to explore new fields that might help them generate income. That’s why they decided to join the Digital and Media Literacy training program delivered in Dannieh by DOT Lebanon within the Local Development Program for urban areas in the North of Lebanon in partnership with GIZ. During this training, the girls acquired new skills in the digital field. They’ve learned how to generate an innovative business idea with a positive impact on their community, and how to market it using the internet and social media channels. 

“We learned how to be active on social media, and how to promote our idea by creating the right type of content.” said the girls.

The training also allowed them to develop their entrepreneurial and leadership skills. At the end of the training, they suggested 2 different social business ideas. The first one tackles children obesity issues: Fit Kid. A fitness center to help children have a healthy lifestyle by choosing appropriate food and workout options. This center will also provide kids, who were victims of bullying because of their physique, with psychosocial support. 

Diala and Chaza also developed Glassic: a project turning glass waste into decorative items.

“The business model canvas put us on the right track and helped us to better design our business idea” added the girls.

Thanks to the digital tools used during the training, Diala and Chaza got equipped with the necessary skills to create a better future for themselves.

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