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No Deafference

Communication is a simple act of exchanging messages between people. Yet, some other people struggle with understanding and conveying messages as a result of their hearing impairments. That’s why Hiba decided to help those people through a mobile application. Over 466 million people across the world suffer from hearing difficulties according to the World Health […]

Fighting drug addiction through digital technology!

Because drug addiction can affect more people than just the user and carries several complications and consequences impacting the quality of life of the person, Anas decided to develop a solution to help addicted youth and their parents. Drug addiction is increasing worldwide, a fact that threatens the life and well-being of a large number […]

!مشاريع شبابية تعزز سلامة الأطفال في محيطهم

الأطفال هم الأفراد الأكثر عرضة في المجتمع للعنف. فغالباً ما يتم استغلال ضعفهم بسبب صغر سنهم وخشيتهم من البوح بتعرضهم للإساءة. لهذا السبب قرر كل من أحمد، منتهى، سميرة ورامي بطرح فكرة تربط الأطفال بالجهات المختصة لمساعدتهم على مواجهة التعرضات العنفية. قد يتخذ العنف ضد الأطفال أشكالاً عديدة كالعنف الجسدي واللفظي والتحرش الجنسي، والتنمر السيبراني […]

Advanced mobile applications designed by marginalized youth to cover day to day aspects and make an impact.

We’re living in an era where everyone is connected to the internet. Everyone has unlimited access to technology, products, and services through smartphones and devices. This is why a group of youth created a range of digital and advanced solutions serving their community. Nowadays, it’s easier for organizations, municipalities, and businesses to reach their audiences […]

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