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Online teaching: the 2020’s biggest challenge for Lebanese teachers!

With the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, the shift to online education became an urgent necessity. Digital and Media Literacy became important more than ever before. And that’s what Fatima expressed after improving her level of computer proficiency with DOT Lebanon. Globally, schools have closed their doors and adopted the online learning method. In some […]

Social initiatives for community growth.

Socially responsible youths are the ones who create their opportunities and contribute to a better world. They learn and enhance their skills to develop sustainable initiatives and help their community members become productive. This is how Ghada and Haneen decided to launch their project and help other young girls and women. Lebanese rural areas have […]

DOT Lebanon Annual Report 2019

2019, the year of outstanding impact! 2019 was an impactful year! By joining our efforts and sharing our values with dedicated people, we were able to reach 2,364 beneficiaries nationwide and empowered 1,372 girls to become digitally abled. And because we believe in the power of youth, especially those with special needs, we developed and adapted […]

The only way to be ready for a job in the future: self-education

With the development of technology and learning resources, lessons and seminars are no longer restricted to classrooms. They are now accessible to every student through different mediums and devices, allowing them to develop themselves constantly regardless of any timeframe. Self-education and development are ongoing processes with a range of benefits that lie in the skills […]

United by a common language: technology for the hearing impaired

Communication is what makes the human connection stronger. In a world where connecting with others is becoming simpler and faster, there are people who still struggle to deliver their ideas. For those individuals, four daring social innovators have a solution. Abdel Razzak, Mahmoud, Mariam, and Mohamad decided to launch a new initiative aiming to help […]

Learning Challenges overcame through technology.

Reaching one’s objectives is a matter of challenging limits and never giving up. Despite the learning obstacles that can be faced, planning to succeed is what makes success happen. That was the case of Ahmad, a 17-year-old from the Bekaa area who has defeated his learning disabilities and proved his willingness to learn and improve […]

Innovation made visible to everyone!

Despite living in a world where the ease of access to technology and innovation is steadily increasing, there are still a large number of crippling obstacles. Luckily, there are #DOTYouth who are daring innovators in their communities, working to implement digital practices and initiatives for better inclusion of sightless patients in society!   An estimated […]

NO TO BULLYING: Syrian Refugees create a mobile app to prevent bullying in schools

After fleeing the war in Syria and arriving in Lebanon, four refugee boys had no hope for their academic future. Then, they stumbled upon an opportunity to participate in the Generation of Innovation Leaders (GIL) program by UNICEF in Bourj Hammoud, Beirut. Still uncertain whether or not they would develop any digital skills or achieve […]

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