In Lebanon, ScaleUp! equips young Lebanese women and men (DOT Interns" with facilitation skills and trains them to deliver business development and technology curricula to help Lebanese entrepreneurs and budding small business owners grow their enterprises.

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Young leaders helping microenterprises grow and prosper

The DOT Interns that deliver the ScaleUp! program are young graduates from Lebanese universities with backgrounds in business who act as trainers, mentors, and coaches. They provide business and information, communication, and technology (ICT) knowledge to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The ScaleUp! program equips new entrepreneurs with tools and capabilities that will help them to expand existing business and services, enhance financial management, and use technology for resource and organizational systems. The program emphasizes scaling businesses for sustainable development and recognizing existing opportunities that can lead to job creation.

ScaleUp! at DOT Lebanon

DOT Lebanon delivers the ScaleUp! program in partnership with various Lebanese and international organizations who have recognized the potential and energy for change young people possess.

The following are projects that have been established to deliver the ScaleUp! program in Lebanon:

DOT Lebanon's Community Partners

In addition to the funding partners that make DOT Lebanon's programs possible, DOT Lebanon is grateful to our network of community partners who provide space and resources that allow programs like ScaleUp! to impact Lebanon's most vulnerable people and communities. The Community Partners who have made ScaleUp! in Lebanon possible are:

  • The Young Men's Christian Association of Lebanon (YMCA)
  • Howard Karagheusian Association for Child Welfare
  • Lebanese Syriac Club
  • Matar Club
  • Soins Infirmiers et Developement Communautaire (SIDC)
  • Lebanese Physical Handicap Union (LPHU)
  • Ouzai Youth Committee
  • Disabled Forum
  • Safadi Foundation
  • Comprehensive Development Organization
  • FENE Association
  • Lebanese Socio-Cultural Association
  • Hariri Foundation
  • Sawa
  • Beyond
  • Green Hand
  • Lebanese Syriac Club
  • Ansar Municipality
  • Lebanese Women Affairs Committee
  • Cultural Movement
  • Benevolent Association of Youth of Kfarsir
  • Baladna Association
  • Beyond Association
  • Municipality of Jezzine
    Library of Jezzine
  • SAWA Group
  • Local Development Dprt
  • Culture and Growth Forum
  • Alternative Society
  • Child Welfare Association
  • Youth Committee of Hasbaya
  • Dar al Sadaka
  • Centre de Jeunesse Catholique
  • Vision

Program Impact

16 young people ("DOT Interns") have been equipped with technology, business, facilitation, and mentoring skills.

862 Community Participants have been trained in business and information, communications, and technology (ICT) skills for entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihood.

  • 53% of participants are women
  • 42% have increased the income from their business
  • 25% expanded existing businesses
  • 20% increased staff at their business
  • 41% report that they are better able to track their success using technology

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