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DOT Lebanon's Office

Application Deadline

30 August 2020 at 6.00 PM

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Lebanon hereby solicits your bid for the above subject, in accordance with this document. 

Introduction to the organization

DOT Lebanon is a social enterprise – an innovator in enabling people to access and apply information and communications technologies (ICT) to create education, economic, and entrepreneurial opportunities. DOT’s vision is to make these opportunities available to marginalized people, especially women and youth, as a strategy to eradicate poverty, vulnerability, and gender inequality. Established in Lebanon since 2010 with headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, DOT Lebanon provides skills development programs to build and enhance 21st-century skills within marginalized communities in Lebanon to prepare them for the jobs of the future. 

Introduction of the project

DOT Lebanon, under Digital opportunities through Integrated Training (DoIT) project, was awarded a contract with Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund to build the digital skills of 2,400 Lebanese and non-Lebanese youth scattered in vulnerable communities in different locations in Lebanon. 100 youth who completed their digital courses, will be receiving training on coding and will be referred for employment opportunities.   


Dear Madam/Sirs,

You are invited to submit a bid for the training details listed below.

Closing Date:30 August 2020 – 6.00 PM Beirut time

Subject: Provision of Advanced Coding Training Courses




Description of the request

Provision of training about coding for 100 youth aged 18-25 years old.

Technical Description

The DoIT project is about enabling youth with vulnerable economics with digital, linguistic, and life skills and be ready for future jobs, whether freelance, full time, or part-time employment. 

The two-year project provides youth with market-driven courses that include: Digital & Media Literacy, Mobile Application Development, Microwork, Social Media Marketing, Robotics. Courses certified by leading industries such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. In addition to CISCO accredited courses (CISCO Cybersecurity, CISCO NDG Linux, and CISCO ITE). 

The enrolled beneficiaries who accessed DOT Lebanon courses, only 100 candidates will be selected to access the advanced coding courses program, and the selection is based on the acquired skills, education level, and commitment.   

Based on the above, the task is according to the following: 

The full-service delivery term is from September 2020 to May 2021 (specific start and end dates to be determined).

Component 1 – Programming in Python  

The first component of the advanced coding course will be linked to Programming in Python that is an extremely programmer-friendly, and takes away almost all the complications of historically dominant languages like Java, and C++, without sacrificing power or expressibility and has been used in web development, machine learning, and data science.  

The course duration should be at least 100 hours. The course should be introductory to programming and python; it should address trainees with no coding background.

The consultant should be presenting the methodology of measuring learning outcomes per trainee. In addition, the consultant should provide the methodology of providing the courses virtually should COVID-19 measures were still applicable.      

Component 2 – Introduction to Computer Sciences 

Following the completion of the course programming in Python, the students are introduced to the fundamental of computer sciences topics that are considered core competencies in every field that involves software development and data manipulation and builds on the familiarity with a programming language (Python) in order to deliver the concepts that are language agnostics. 

From this course, the beneficiaries will be enrolled in a three-month boot camp where they will have an opportunity to seek employment after graduation.

Tenderer Profile

Interested entities providing advanced coding services who meet the minimum requirements below are invited to respond to this request in full. The full proposal includes all the activities listed in Table 1 for the duration of the training delivery term:


The budget shall be presented such as in Table 1. 

Table 1 – Activities per group

Instructions to Tenderers

Tendering procedures

1- Bids are required to be:

a. Valid for 60 days after the date of the bid opening. A bid valid for a shorter period shall be rejected

b. Submitted in the English language, and by Hand in a sealed envelope/package clearly marked and addressed as follows:

Outer envelope/package of your bid must clearly indicate:                   

i. DoIT (Project Title)

ii. Coding Training Service Bid, 

iii. Name of your entity 

iv. Date of Submission 

Att. Mrs. Christiane Baroud Waked  

HR & Procurement Manager

DOT Lebanon Office

Mar Abda Street, Sportika Bldg, Floor seven

Jal El Dib, Lebanon (Between 10:00 am and 14:00)

Due to COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown, you can submit the bids by email to:  hrlebanon@dotrust.org

Received to the above email address before the time and date – 30 August 2020 at 6.00 PM.

For queries please contact Mr. Walid Abou Saifan on +961 70 031191.

2- Each bid should include the below and addressed to the Procurement Person:

a. Tenderer Name

b. Entity Profile (Experience with NGOs is a plus)

c. Certificates (Training Accreditation, Registration of the business/NGO, any other certificates)

d. CV of the trainer/trainers and descriptive literature of the offered training program

e. A presentation about previous similar work assignments

f. If VAT is applicable, please attach a copy of the VAT certificate or mention the VAT registration no. on your bid.

g. Payment Terms

h. Validity

i. An authorized representative of the service provider must sign, stamp, and date the bid, and other relative documents accompanying it.


Information relating to the evaluation of tenders shall not be disclosed to tenderers or any other persons not officially concerned with such process until information on contract award is communicated to all tenderers. 

Any attempt by a tenderer to improperly influence the employer in the evaluation of the tenders or contract award decisions may result in the rejection of its tender.

Clarification of Tenders

To assist in the examination, evaluation, and comparison of the tenders and qualification of the tenderers, the employer may, at its discretion, ask any tenderer for a clarification of its tender, allowing a reasonable time for response. Any clarification submitted by a tenderer that is not in response to a request by the employer shall not be considered. The employer’s request for clarification and the response shall be in writing. No change in the prices or substance of the tender shall be sought, offered, or permitted, except to confirm the correction of arithmetic errors discovered by the employer in the evaluation of the tenders. 


1- DOT Lebanon General Conditions of Contract shall apply.

2- If the Tenderer is successful, this RFB shall constitute the basis of an agreement for the services as listed above. 

3- Payment for services shall be made by cheques within 10 working days after the submission of the invoice.

4- If you were not contacted after 30 working days from the closing date, then be notified that your offer was not selected. 

Best Regards.

Digital Opportunity Trust Lebanon

TENDER - Provision of Coding Training Courses

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