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Application Deadline

April 30th, 2020

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Lebanon hereby solicits your bid for the above subject, in accordance with this document.

Introduction to the organization

DOT Lebanon is a social enterprise – an innovator in enabling people to access and apply information and communications technologies (ICT) to create education, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities. DOT’s vision is to make these opportunities available to marginalized people, especially women and youth, as a strategy to eradicate poverty, vulnerability and gender inequality. Established in Lebanon in 2010 with headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, DOT Lebanon provides skills development programs to build and enhance 21st-century skills within marginalized communities in Lebanon to prepare them for the jobs of the future.

Introduction of the project
Shabake Project is about Strengthening the Resilience of Lebanese Civil Society in Order to Improve Crisis Prevention and Management. Implemented by Expertise France, and funded by AFD and Danida the 3-year capacity development project aims to support local Lebanese NGOs to become lasting, key players in mitigating the effects of the Syrian crisis on Lebanon. Spanning over a period of 31 months (2019-2022), the Shabake Project consists of two components:
Component 1: NGO partner receives funding and expert assistance to build on their existing strengths and assets through designing and implementing their own capacity building plan.
Component 2: NGO partner will have the opportunity to put their new institutional changes into practice through the implementation of a project to reduce vulnerabilities within communities in Lebanon affected by the Syrian crisis

DOT Lebanon, hereinafter referred to as DOT, is accepting proposals to provide the software, installation, training, and support necessary for the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution to support its Administration, Finance and Human Resources processes and workflows.

Dear Madam/Sirs,
You are invited to submit a bid for the ERP system details listed below.
Closing Date: 30 April 2020
Subject: ERP Solution
Notes: Currency: USD

Description of the request

The objective of this process is to identify the firm and the services that can best meet DOT’s needs especially within the allocated budget for the project. DOT is interested in reviewing both regional and international development providers that are mainly focused on handling major projects and shipping fast, agile and scalable solutions.

1. Technical Description
The ERP product should be a super user-friendly and intuitive web application that can be used on Windows, IOS and android. Employees should be able to handle any kind of administrative request (which will be discussed in the below sections – Components) easily and in an efficient manner. The database must be safeguarded with highest security standards (technical and role-wise) and all data should be interpreted on a comprehensive dashboard to empower human resources management.

In general, the proposer will be expected to:
● Deliver a user-friendly ERP Software that allows the interaction of external applications using APIs
● Implement user-stories for all the required deliverables and plan the overall application map
● Incorporate all DOT’s major components – Human Resource (HR) management, procurement, administration, project management, finance, and a payroll system
● Provide special templates for the components of the system, for example: appraisal and probation periods
● Provide the appropriate technical expertise to configure all related files to make the system fully operational
● Provide comprehensive education and training for system operations and configuration Education shall be provided in a hands-on environment with the complete and necessary documentation and training manuals
● Ensure data export and overall statistics is easy across all the platform’s modules
● Provide follow-up training as needed, as well as dedicated support and customer service after the initial training and implementation of the system
● Transition of all existing DOT payroll data to the new ERP system

The required technology specifications are:
● A state of the art framework (Angular, Laravel, etc.)
● Sustainable and reliable code structure
● Code management should be done on our Jira instance (Any suitable method can be selected)

2. Components Description

Component 1 – Human Resources (HR)
The human resources department is highly critical to the DOT organization. Thus, DOT wishes to centralize and improve its HR Management systems by introducing best-practiced processes and techniques. The HR management system should combine a number of processes to ensure the best management of human resources functions, business processes, appraisal, and employee data. This system will enable the HR department to achieve increased speed in delivery, efficiency in reporting and analytics, cost reduction and preventing any major or minor error that could result in legal and financial issues.

Thus, the HR system should include the below:

○ Recruitment
○ Onboarding
○ Employee Records
○ Leaves
○ Appraisals
○ Time Management (TimeSheets)
○ Learning and Development

Component 2 – Procurement
A dynamic procurement management module with Template management and document tracking.

○ QR generation and reading
○ Template management
○ Document serialization and tracking

Component 3 – Project management
A full PCM module with different views ability.

○ Agile / Scrum
○ Gantt Chart

Component 4- Finance
A dynamic budgeting and finance module with different views and granularity ability.

Component 5- Payroll
A payroll management module with timesheets representation.

○ Template generation
○ Invoice and receipts per user generation
○ User history
○ Different employment models management

Component 6 – Reports
A full reporting module with the ability to query, build views and report on any available data
in the system.

Component 7 – APIs
An API and integration builder module with the ability to accommodate different web services. The system will not be limited to the aforementioned components; New components might be added as per the user requirements gathering report generated in the pre-design phase. Costs and liabilities for additions will, therefore, be discussed and extended to the original agreement accordingly.


3. Tenderer Profile

Interested development entities who meet the minimum requirements below are invited to respond to this request in full. The full proposal includes all the activities listed in Table 1 for the duration of the system development term:
● Valid registered business (Company and/or NGO).
● Advanced and proven technical experience record in shipping advanced and scalable software solutions to large and small corporations.
● Excellent planning capabilities to ensure that the requirements are met.
● Exceptional technical and non-technical support model.



Instructions to Tenderers
1. Bids are required to be:
a. Valid for 60 days after the date of the bid opening. A bid valid for a shorter period shall be rejected
b. Submitted in English language, through Email, to the address lebanon-careers@dotrust.org
Email Subject: DOT ERP Tender
Body should have as a first paragraph:

Project: Shabake
Tender: ERP Solution Bid,
Applicant: Name of your entity
Date: Date of Submission
c. Received to the above address before the time and date – April 30th, 2020@ 5:00 pm

For queries please contact Mr. Walid Abu Saifan wasaifan@dotrust.org, with an email subject: DOT ERP Tender query.

2. Each bid should include the below and addressed to the Procurement Person:
a. Tenderer Name
b. Entity Profile (Experience with NGOs is a plus)
c. A presentation about previous similar work assignments
d. If VAT is applicable, please attach a copy of the VAT certificate or mention the VAT registration no. on your bid.
e. Payment Terms
f. Validity
g. Payment Method

3. An authorized representative of the service provider must sign, stamp, and date the bid, and other relative documents accompanying it.

Information relating to the evaluation of tenders shall not be disclosed to tenderers or any other persons not officially concerned with such process until information on contract award is communicated to all tenderers.
Any attempt by a tenderer to improperly influence the employer in the evaluation of the tenders or contract award decisions may result in the rejection of its tender.

Clarification of Tenders
To assist in the examination, evaluation, and comparison of the tenders and qualification of the tenderers, the employer may, at its discretion, ask any tenderer for a clarification of its tender, allowing a reasonable time for response. Any clarification submitted by a tenderer that is not in response to a request by the employer shall not be considered. The employer’s request for clarification and the response shall be in writing. No change in the prices or substance of the tender shall be sought, offered, or permitted, except to confirm the correction of arithmetic errors discovered by the employer in the evaluation of the tenders.

1. DOT Lebanon General Conditions of Contract shall apply.
2. If the Tenderer is successful, this RFP shall constitute the basis of an agreement for the services listed above.
3. Payment for services shall be made by cheques within 10 working days after the submission of the invoice.
4. If you were not contacted after 30 working days from the closing date, then be notified that your offer was not selected.

Best Regards,

Digital Opportunity Trust Lebanon

TENDER - Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (ERP)

Please note that interviews will be held on an ongoing basis during the application period, and the position may be filled before the posted application deadline.

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