Project Coordinator


DOT Lebanon House Office | Beirut

Application Deadline

  1. Manage the planning and implementation of the project according to the approved proposal.
  2. Manage the budget planning and expenses according to the approved budget.
  3. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the project according to approved stated objectives, plans of action, budgets and record progress.
  4. Develop networks with the needed organizations working with people with special needs and enhance partnership agreements with them.
  5. Lead and supervise coordination with partners in local communities to plan, implement and monitor the project.
  6. Ensure a daily follow-up and monitoring with the field staff (Area Managers/ Field Officers) in the different areas of implementation.
  7. Participate in evaluating the impact of project interventions on the beneficiary population periodically (as needed, on occasional basis).
  1. Ensure all M&E data are collected based on DOT Lebanon’s requirements.
  2. Ensure proper information is provided to the M&E team for all reports.
  3. Prepare list of items to be purchased and all recruitment / consultants needed for the project in coordination with the Procurement Officer.
  4. Provide success stories on a regular basis to the Communications Department.


  1. Once needed and on occasional basis, carry out public relations activities, which include accompanying foreign visitors and donors to the project.
  2. Represent DOT Lebanon when requested and necessary.
  3. Perform other tasks as the need arises.

Please note that interviews will be held on an ongoing basis during the application period, and the position may be filled before the posted application deadline.

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