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Application Deadline

Sunday, February 23, 2020

The main objective of this assessment is to evaluate through a third-party evaluator the medium-term impact of the digital skills training program offered by the GIL program through DOT Lebanon.  It also aims to contribute to generating good practices and help future planning.

The Generation of Innovation Leaders (GIL – جيل) is a program designed to address the high unemployment rates among youth nationwide and their inaccessibility to the knowledge economy. GIL Innovation labs are created in partnership with local stakeholders and operate nationwide which means that it reaches out to those residing in the most secluded and marginalized areas. At the lab, youth are provided with trainings, workshops, and events where they discover new opportunities, network with like-minded people and develop their digital and entrepreneurial skills. The GIL labs serve as hubs and co-working spaces for youth from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Both in the literal and figurative sense, GIL gives these groups a space to express themselves, experiment and innovate.

The purpose of this study can be summarized in terms of assessing the impact of the digital skills courses provided by DOT Lebanon since 2017 which will be assessed through measuring the following aspects:

1-    Accessing income-generating opportunities (The consultant will need to assess the income-generating opportunities that came as a result of the digital skills-building program)

2-    Readiness to join the workforce (The consultant will need to assess the readiness of the youth regarding joining the workforce)

3-    Level of awareness about social media and 21st-century technologies and opportunities (The consultant will need to assess the change in the mentality and awareness of the youth towards the 21st-century skills)

4-    Skills strengthening (The consultant will need to assess the increase in the skills of the youth)

5-    Seeking advanced or other types of courses (The consultant will need to identify if the digital skills-building program has encouraged the youth beneficiaries to seek further courses whether with other NGOs, technical institutions, universities, etc.)

As such, the consultant’s main role will be to lead this study, starting by developing a clear methodology and data collection tools, conducting data gathering (which will be done in close coordination with B.O.T – the data collection entity (fees incurred will be covered by DOT Lebanon)), and finally preparing an analysis and report development (including measuring the impact of the program and future recommendations).

In addition, he/she is expected to prepare and deliver a presentation of the findings and recommendations to DOT Lebanon’s senior team

Findings and conclusions from this impact study will be shared with UNICEF, and other donors and partners.

For further information, you can access to the ToR through this link

The Consultant should have the following competencies and experiences:

Interested applicants with the above requirements should send their CV to with the subject line “Impact Assessment Consultant”.

Deadline to apply: Sunday, 23 February 2020.

Impact Assessment Consultant

Please note that interviews will be held on an ongoing basis during the application period, and the position may be filled before the posted application deadline.

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