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D-RASATI 2I extension project

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As a founding member of the Girls Got IT: Exploring Engineering and Technology in Lebanon, I am excited to give an insider view of this exciting initiative that brought together more than 400 girls in Lebanon. Each girl was enrolled in a three hour workshop on a topic related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and design, and Mathematics). There were 21 workshops in total provided by 19 different institutions including coding and development, environmental engineering, hands-on engineering, design and animation, architecture, interior design, urban planning, and innovation. The event turned out to be a great success and the girls showed very high levels of empowerment.

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DOT Lebanon provided digital literacy training to 10 education caregivers from World Vision Lebanon. The training will be vital in the efforts to provide online learning opportunities for Syrian children in Lebanon.

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DOT Lebanon - Bekaa Area Manager, Mariam Haidar and teacher facilitators, Houssam Shamseddine, conducted a gaming development workshop at Arc en ciel for a group of 10 youth from the Rainbow club.

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Meet Mr. Mohammad Issa, a physics teacher at Al Achrafieh Second Secondary Public School in Beirut

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Meet the Teacher-Facilitator: Mariam El Shafie

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Mariam El Shafie is facilitating DOT's TeachUp! program at three schools in the South Lebanon area.

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Dhour Shweir Public Secondary School joined the D-RASATI 2 project in March 2014, and this year the school will continue to integrate Teacher-Facilitators who are delivering the TeachUp! program.

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On May 27, 2015, DOT Lebanon organized an event for all donors, stakeholders, partners, and staff to celebrate the organization's 10th anniversary.

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BEIRUT - May 27, 2015 – Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Lebanon is marking a decade of community impact in the country.

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Ms. El Khoury is facilitating DOT's TeachUp! program at three schools in the North Lebanon area.

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