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Tripoli Secondary Public School for Girls is located in North Lebanon next to the border line of the Bab al-Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen conflict. The school has approximately 370 students. This is the story of how one teacher overcame several challenges in order to introduce more technology into her classroom.

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On October 20, 2014, DOT Lebanon's Country Director, Marianne Bitar Karam, participated in a three-day workshop on Technology for Education (ICT4E). The workshop took place in Amman, Jordan.

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On October 10, 2014 DOT Lebanon Country Director Marianne Bitar Karam participated as a panel member during the launching of phase one of the Union for the Mediterranean project "Skills for Success: Employability Skills for Women."

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DOT Lebanon celebrates World Teacher's Day

By Rhea Azouri – 2 Comments

Education is important, and DOT Lebanon strongly believes teachers around the world should be internationally recognized and celebrated.

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