Advanced mobile applications designed by marginalized youth to cover day to day aspects and make an impact.

We’re living in an era where everyone is connected to the internet. Everyone has unlimited access to technology, products, and services through smartphones and devices. This is why a group of youth created a range of digital and advanced solutions serving their community.

Nowadays, it’s easier for organizations, municipalities, and businesses to reach their audiences through mobile applications. An easy and convenient way to propose products and services and get efficient leads.

In fact, more than 190 Billion applications were downloaded in 2018, and 178 Billion in 2017. These numbers are estimated to reach 260 Billion downloads in 2020. A 45% growth in less than 5 years indicates the importance of mobile applications and their major role in the market and in our everyday lives. Mobile Application Development will definitely be one of the main jobs of the future. This being said, advanced mobile application development workshops are now essential to get the necessary digital skills for this 21st-century revolution.

As part of the UNESCO Beirut Office programs, the YouthMobile is an initiative aiming to train marginalized youth across Lebanon and provide them advanced skills to develop and implement efficient and useful mobile applications making an impact in their communities. This initiative was implemented by DOT Lebanon who delivered intensive training sessions nationwide. This is how we met dedicated youth during several workshops in different regions. Aiming to enhance their programming and development skills, they designed solutions answering a wide range of social causes such as child abuse, mental health, women empowerment, etc…

Kamal, a 17 years old Lebanese student, developed 3 different mobile applications for different purposes. While the first application is dedicated to the Municipality of Menjez, to showcase its news, municipal activities, and updates, the 2 other applications tackle social issues and propose anti-corruption solutions and women empowerment initiatives.

It was a dream that came true. I’m proud to see my name featured in PlayStore. Said Kamal when his applications received enthusiastic reviews.

Meanwhile, Morad and Wael from Siblin, in the South area of Lebanon, were developing an advanced mobile application for the Hazmieh municipality where admins can publish news, activities, events and updates and users can submit requests and claims. A project that received full support and care from the municipality authorities. Motivated and perseverent, the youth offered the authorities a fully responsive, user-friendly, and creative application. When asked about it, Morad answered:

No matter how difficult or impossible it might seem, you will always have the capacity to do it.

Mental health diseases were also subject of a mobile application developed by 3 students allowing users to identify the symptoms, diseases, and ways to help patients with mental illnesses. By using this application, users can contact experts and learn more about this medical condition.

I didn’t imagine we can make it. Said Bilal one of the youth who created this app.

Thanks to the knowledge they acquired during this program, the participants were able to make a positive impact in their environment by offering digital and advanced solutions to several social and official entities. Today the youth are still developing their applications to make them accessible on IOS and Android app stores allowing every Lebanese citizen to make their daily life easier.

This story was developed as part of UNESCO Beirut office YouthMobile initiative and implemented by DOT Lebanon.

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