Food waste management made easier through digital solutions!

In a world where hunger rates are on the rise, initiatives to reduce food losses are always created to help communities in need. That’s what 5 Lebanese youth did to facilitate food waste management between associations and caterers and make an impact in their communities.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), around one-third of the food produced by suppliers is lost. An alarming fact letting the FAO work continuously on the development of new policies to provide better food waste management.

On the Lebanese scale, food loss is a daily aspect faced by a lot of companies and food suppliers. Concerned NGOs, from their side, are always open to new collaborations and concepts aiming to transform wasted food into quality meals for the most disadvantaged people.


Early this month, a Mobile Application Development training was delivered in the South Area by DOT Lebanon, through the Generation of Innovation Leaders (GIL) program by Unicef. This is where Jana, Fatema, Adeeb, Mohammad, and Ibrahim from the South area who were aiming to develop their programming and digital skills. Feeling the need to help people in their community with low access to quality meals, they decided all together, to create a mobile application: Save & Gain

This application connects food suppliers to associations who would buy the wasted food and offer it to unprivileged people. Available in multiple languages, this application is user-friendly with a  “Seller section” for food supplier to propose their meals at a low price. Buyers can search for the most appropriate offers and contact the provider.

The 5 youth are excited to develop their project in the future by adding more features such as rating, live chat, and online payments which will allow users to have an efficient and credible service.

This story is part of the Generation of Innovation Leaders (GIL) Program by UNICEF implemented by DOT Lebanon with the funding of the German and Deutsch embassies in Lebanon.

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