DOT Lebanon in 2017

DOT Lebanon friends and partners,

2017 has been a very impactful year for DOT Lebanon!

More than 3,000 children, youth, and adults from all genders, nationalities and regions are now empowered with new livelihood, entrepreneurship, and digital skills.

In 2017 we worked with over 10 donors and more than 30 implementing partners across Lebanon to bridge the gender digital divide and provide hope for a better future for people living in Lebanon.

To top off what can only be described as a busy and positive year, we successfully piloted our latest project, BOT, an initiative that creates freelance digital work opportunities for youth – placing them in the base of the working pyramid. This project will be launched in 2018 in partnership with UNICEF Lebanon.

This is just a small sense of what went on in 2017 with our organization – you can read all the details in the attached report.

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